Devotee online slot players follow what some believe to be the “slot tournament circuit”. These online slot tournament chasers will attend the Hollywood Casino’s tournament and at the Grand Casino in Tunica a month later. Although only a very few of them continue to participate, they keep their eyes on the prize pool and the chance to win big in the tournaments.

While some of the most valuable secrets are kept by these people, there are a few things you can learn on your own. If you look at a slot tournament player, you’ll notice that they don’t drink before playing. It slows down their reflexes. To play the tournaments, many people use two hands and hit the button repeatedly to get as many hits as possible.

Some “winners” will stand and not sit during the tournament, so they have more power “put behind” the button multiple times. Many of the Champions of the Slot Tournaments have other tricks, but they don’t often share them.

Many slot players believe that there is power in numbers. So if they gamble with their significant others, they ask the host how many games they need to “invite” them to the invitational tournaments.

Although it might not be something you are interested in, you can get a place at the top prize of the tournaments. These tournaments offer big money and are worth looking into.